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Heartwood’s focus may be driven towards tree preservation, but we also understand the necessity to take a tree down. We all share our spaces with trees and there are many reasons that make a sound argument for tree removal.
Often, when trees are planted in the landscape, their mature size or shape aren’t considered, which can create problems with proximity to buildings, driveways or other objects. Some trees may develop defects or health problems that can lead to a compromised structure, increasing their potential risk for damage. Other trees may have experienced decline to the point that they are no longer viable in the landscape.
Whatever the cause, Heartwood Tree Care has an experienced team that can work with your needs to get a tree removal project done. Generally, after the tree is safely deconstructed, we haul away all of the wood and fine debris so that it is difficult to tell that we’ve even been there. I’ve always said “I received my bachelor’s degree in forestry and minored in raking”. In other words, we make sure your place looks better than it did when we arrived. Some folks like to keep the wood for themselves, or someone that they know who would like it. Our team is more than happy to make a neat stack of wood wherever desired. That can save a client a little money.

SAFETY FIRST. Heartwood takes this protocol seriously! Weekly safety meetings, on site safety meeting, and first rate communication systems keeps us and your property safe. Our experienced team takes the time necessary to safely secure everything coming out of the tree. Safety is a big part of professionalism to us.